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New Analyst Report: CTERA a Compelling Alternative to Same Old Windows Storage Server

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For organizations using Windows Server 2003, the end is here. Windows Server 2003 has officially reached “end of life” status as of midnight EDT on Wednesday morning.

And yet… there are still 11 million servers still running Server 2003.

If you’re among the many IT organizations that have resisted the legacy Server upgrade/refresh and seek alternatives that modernize enterprise file storage and remote office/branch office (ROBO) IT strategies, you’ll be interested to download a new competitive analysis by storage analyst firm DCIG.

Available today, the research brief highlights how CTERA can deliver up to 80% savings in total cost of ownership (TCO) over Windows Storage Server while offering NAS storage, data protection, and built-in enterprise file sync and share in a single platform.

Simply put, CTERA enables enterprises to enhance IT control and improve data protection while also reducing cost, management overhead and even energy footprint. When you stack CTERA against Windows Storage Server as DCIG did in this new report, we are the clear winner.

Access your free copy of DCIG’s competitive analysis of CTERA vs. Windows Storage Server and get started on refreshing your ROBO environment today.

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