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CTERA Powers Hitachi Vantara's HCP Anywhere Enterprise Solution

In today’s world, the old saying “information is power” has transformed into “data is power”. We live in a time where data is everywhere, it is the heartbeat of businesses of every size, in every industry. The way we leverage this vast ocean of data can be our greatest strength, but the sheer volume, diversity, and speed at which it flows can also pose significant challenges. From securing and managing this data to extracting its maximum potential, businesses find themselves at a complex crossroads.

CTERA’s journey as a business is intrinsically linked to this data landscape. We are on a mission to provide you with the best tools to navigate this challenging but exciting terrain. And so, I am thrilled to share that we have signed a new strategic agreement with Hitachi Vantara, one of the top names in data management, to elevate your data management experience to new heights. Together, we are bringing to life a next-generation file cloud solution that will fuel Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere Enterprise (HCP Anywhere Enterprise).

For those of you who have been using HCP Gateway, Hitachi Data Ingestor, or other Network Attached Storage systems, we have a smooth migration path laid out for you. Our solution isn’t just advanced – it is flexible and customer-centric. It is designed to cater to various use cases, from primary to secondary edge-to-core-to-cloud file services to machine-generated data workflows.

We’re stepping up our commitment to data protection with cyber-resilient storage capabilities featuring AI-based ransomware detection, protection, and recovery. Additionally, the solution supports immutable storage (WORM) and comes with powerful compliance and ransomware protection capabilities, catering to those with the most stringent security needs.

In this challenging and rapidly evolving data landscape, we are proud to position ourselves alongside Hitachi Vantara. We are taking the helm and steering the ship toward the future of data management. Our alliance symbolizes not just a strategic move but a shared vision – to empower businesses like yours to harness the full power of data.

We are beyond excited about this journey ahead. To delve deeper into the details of this partnership, please read our official press release.  By delivering a game-changing solution that seamlessly manages data from edge-to-core-to-cloud, with enhanced security and scalability, CTERA and Hitachi Vantara are well-positioned to address the evolving data management needs of businesses worldwide.  I am personally looking forward to what this partnership brings!

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