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Secure Cloud File Services for Financial Firms

The modernization of corporate file services is a major priority for financial services organizations as they embark on cloud transformation initiatives. But the goals of enabling greater levels of employee productivity and TCO reduction are challenged by the inherent data security and privacy risks of cloud technologies. CTERA provides a secure digital transformation solution for financial services firms with a unified platform that modernizes file storage, content collaboration, and data protection.

CTERA Helps Financial Services Firms Address
Data Control & Security
Maintain full control over data residency, firewall perimeter, and encryption keys
Ransomware Recovery
Protect your organization from malicious attacks and data loss events
Aging IT Infrastructure
Modernize branch office and user IT with a comprehensive and cost-effective platform

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Feature Highlights

Solutions For Financial Services

Secure Content Collaboration
A private “Cloud Drive” that enables users to securely access, edit, sync, and share files with internal and external colleagues
Data Protection
Secure endpoint backup that ensures users' files and systems are fully protected and recoverable in the event of data loss
Legacy File Server Replacement
Modern edge appliances for file storage, collaboration, and backup - centrally managed over any number of offices
VDI Home and Project Folders
Intelligent and efficient desktop workload support for organizations with high-performance storage requirements

Built to Meet Financial Security Requirements

100% In-Firewall
Deploy on-premises in your datacenter or virtual private cloud
Source-Based Data Encryption
In-traffic (TLS) and at rest (AES-256)
Private Key Management
Zero third-party access to your keys
Advanced Authentication
Integration with Active Directory and SSO, 2FA, and more
Seamless ACL Migration
Migrate existing network shares and defined permissions
File Sharing Policy
Internal 'file-wall' enables IT control over file name, user, or group
WORM (Write Once Read Many) protection that allows data to be written to a storage system once, preventing modifications and/or deletions for adherence to regulations such as FINRA archiving requirements.
Immutable Snapshots
Securely store snapshots in immutable, air-gapped object storage, that cannot be deleted or modified during the retention period.

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