File Sharing Under your Control

Private Enterprise File Sync & Share

Platform Security Architecture

Access, Share and Collaborate on Files Anywhere

Increase productivity while maintaining data security and integrity. Enjoy unlimited file capacity across devices and offices for anywhere, anytime file access across all devices, with easy-to-use file sharing and workspaces for team collaboration.

Access and Share Files Anywhere

Natively access, edit and share all organizational files from any Android, iOS, or Windows mobile device or any laptop/workstation running Linux, Mac or Windows. Share files and folders externally using date-limited links, and access previous versions of files.

Infinite File Capacity

Users enjoy desktop access to an unlimited number of cloud-based files and folders, regardless of the physical storage on their devices.

Shared Workspaces for Teams

User-managed workspaces with no IT involvement required. Read/write, read-only and time-limited user access. Syndicate files to a large audience. No file size or bandwidth limits.

Office 365 Integration

Create, edit, and collaborate on Office Online documents while they are still stored within the corporate firewall. Office documents remain privately and safely stored on the CTERA platform. Users receive the online editing experience they appreciate.

Integrated Backup from a Single Client

Highly efficient, incremental and non-intrusive backup. Retain true snapshots of files separate from synced folders. Designate backup folders and automate scheduling. Access backup files using a browser or mobile app.

Appliance-Based Sync for Offices

Define files and folders to synchronize or disseminate across multiple offices, allowing roaming users to access files locally wherever they are, and facilitating standardized document and software distribution.

Whitepaper: Remote Site Collaboration

Securely Enable File-Based Collaboration and Mobile User Productivity

Private, secure, and vendor-neutral file sharing. Deploy in your datacenter or as a 'virtual private' solution that leverages public cloud infrastructure. Either way, you'll always retain complete control and ownership of your data.

Choose Your Private or Virtual Private Cloud

CTERA supports a variety of object storage, file storage and public cloud IaaS providers, allowing you to leverage your existing infrastructure or migrate to the cloud. Active Directory and LDAP integration is provided for user authentication and single sign-on (SSO).

End-to-End Security and Privacy

Fully protect files from the endpoint to the cloud with source-based AES-256 encryption using your own private keys. Enforce strong password and 2-factor authentication policies, and securely remote wipe lost/stolen devices.

Full Visibility and Compliance

View all users, events and devices in a single console. Customize alerts and enforce granular logging and reporting for a full audit trail. Integrate with anti-virus and EMM utilities, apply granular policy-based DLP controls to govern storage and collaboration.

Policy-Based Collaboration Controls

Define the specific file types that various user groups can (or cannot) upload to the network or share with internal and external users.

WAN-Optimized and Cost-Efficient

Greatly reduce WAN traffic and storage requirements with source-based de-duplication and compression, and configure your optimal bandwidth throttling schedule. Facilitate large file transfers with automated resumption of interrupted transfers.

Managed Agents for Backup and File Sync

CTERA Agents and mobile apps provide secure data protection and file sync and share services for remote servers, laptops and mobile devices – all managed from a single console. CTERA server agents are also used for Backup-as-a-Service of servers and applications running natively in-cloud. Learn more ›

Private Enterprise File Sync & Share Architecture

CTERA’s platform allows our users to access files anytime, anywhere, from any device, while ensuring both security and privacy – all with a total cost savings of 75%.

Mike Cardwell, Director of Information Technology

There's a lot of competitors out there, and we looked at all of them. CTERA's security was the best.

Jeff Pisano, VP of IT

CTERA has enabled our IT team to transform its backup operation and become an internal service provider capable of delivering on-demand, cloud-based data protection services throughout the organization.

Joel Eagle - Senior Director Technology & Infrastructure