Secure File Services for Healthcare

Healthcare professionals need fast and secure access to sensitive files, including protected health information (PHI). Healthcare IT needs to store, manage, and protect a never-ending stream of unstructured data. CTERA solves these challenges with a private cloud file services platform that enables healthcare organizations to seamlessly modernize traditional file storage applications while maintaining the highest levels of data privacy and compliance.

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CTERA Helps Healthcare Companies Address
  • Data Control & Security

    Maintain full control over patient data residency, firewall perimeter, and encryption keys

  • Infrastructure Modernization

    Replace capacity-constrained file servers with modern edge filers that enable the benefits of cloud storage

  • Limited On-site IT and Maintenance

    Centrally manage data, backups, users, and offices from a single dashboard

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A Modern Approach to File Services

Solutions for Healthcare

  • Private File Sharing
    HIPAA-compliant collaboration tools enable secure file access and sharing for users in locations around the world
  • Legacy File Server Replacement
    Modern caching-enabled edge appliances replace traditional file servers and provide local access to a secure global file system
  • Data Backup and Recovery
    Protect remote office and endpoint files from data loss events, including ransomware and natural disasters
  • Medical Data Archiving
    Secure migration of PHI and medical data from remote locations to private cloud infrastructure

Built to Meet Health IT Requirements

  • 100% In-Firewall
    Deploy on-premises in your datacenter or virtual private cloud
  • HIPAA-Compliant
    Ensure total data integrity with zero third-party access
  • Military-Grade Data Encryption
    Secure files in-traffic (TLS 1.2) and at rest (AES-256)
  • Private Key Management
    Zero third-party access to your keys
  • Efficient Data Transfer and Replication
    Optimize data to overcome high latency of remote locations
  • Seamless Cloud Migration
    Migrate existing network shares, ACLs, system structures