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Case Study

Irish Prison Service modernizes Video surveillance Storage with CTERA

The Irish Prison Service, responsible for the safety and security of staff and prisoners across 12 prison facilities, relies heavily on video surveillance. With approximately 5,000 cameras continuously recording movement and actions, incident investigations depend on secure, reliable, and long-term video archive storage. As the prison service upgraded to high-definition cameras, they faced increased storage demands and needed a more scalable solution that provided secure and systematic data deletion in compliance with their policy.

CTERA, in partnership with HPE and Scality, delivered an end-to-end solution for the Irish Prison Service. Local storage using CTERA filers  captures 24×7 video at each facility, and securely transfers the data to CTERA’s global filesystem, securely retaining incident video off-site.

“Using intelligent data storage solutions from HPE, Scality, and CTERA, Irish Prison Service securely and reliably preserves high-definition surveillance video for incident investigation, which is critical to ensuring the safety of staff and prisoners.”

The new storage infrastructure provides several benefits. CTERA ensures efficient and secure data ingestion, with robust encryption of video data at rest, and systematic deletion of the oldest footage based on policies. The global filesystem is backed by Scality RING object storage that provides secure, scalable storage that is replicated between two environments, offering disaster protection with a complete copy of the archive always available.

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