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Financial Services Leader Chooses CTERA for Collaboration

Because we don’t publicize the names of all of our customers, the widespread deployment of the CTERA Enterprise File Services Platform can be underappreciated, especially when today there are more than 50,000 global locations and 2 million users running on CTERA.

All that anonymity ends today.

Just kidding.A financial services leader chooses CTERA to enable secure content collaboration across the global organization.

While we can’t name names, we can provide new details on a fresh customer expansion at one of the world’s largest financial services organizations.

This long-time CTERA customer, a Fortune 100 company whose initial deployment is detailed in a case study here, has selected CTERA Drive Share to power secure file services delivery for 150,000(!) users in North America.

If this isn’t the largest EFSS/CCP deployment in enterprise IT history, it’s certainly close.

Powering the file services agenda for a large financial services organization requires three key elements:

  • Security: Files simply cannot be exposed to any non-intended party – ever
  • Scalability: Services must scale easily to any number of users without breaking IT’s back
  • Performance: Files need to be there when users need them, regardless of network or bandwidth concerns

CTERA Drive Share, our Gartner-recognized file and content collaboration solution, became the perfect solution for this financial services leader. Here’s how:

Our entire platform is deployed in the customer’s on-prem data center, with advanced encryption and authentication methods, to provide an entirely private solution. Our platform is built for scale, with service orchestration tools and central monitoring dashboards that simplify management of 150,000 users across North America. And our platform delivers unique performance benefits with local caching and stubbing technologies that optimize user access and collaboration across the entire global file system directly from their laptop or workstation.

With CTERA 6.0, users access any cloud-based file directly from the desktop.

Download the CTERA Platform Architecture whitepaper today.



This last point is an important one: by building intelligent file caching into both our ROBO appliances (CTERA Edge Filers) and endpoint clients (CTERA Drive), CTERA delivers a unique two-tier file services architecture that fits the needs of any organization – financial services-related or otherwise.

For this specific customer, CTERA Drive made the most sense as the financial services leader moves toward a ‘stateless enterprise’ architecture, where endpoint devices represent only a local cache of a global file system, and file changes are stored only temporarily on the laptop, workstation, etc.

We will have a lot more to say about caching within CTERA Drive and why it’s such a powerful concept for enterprises, such as this financial services leader, trying to navigate their cloud file services journeys.

Until then, we’re toasting to another great customer success that someday we hope to formally unveil.

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