End-to-End Security

CTERA was founded upon the belief that enterprise organizations would require the benefits of cloud-based file management… without the security compromises associated with traditional SaaS offerings.

CTERA Security Whitepaper

CTERA Business Benefits
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    Your Private Cloud

    CTERA provides organizations a SaaS platform they can operate on their cloud, behind their firewall, on their storage of choice. With CTERA, no 3rd party ever has access to your data, keys, authentication, etc.

  • Your Security

    Source-based, multi-tenant encryption secures your data before it leaves your devices, offices and servers. CTERA’s private approach to key management keeps data away from prying eyes.

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    Your Governance

    Facilitate compliance and data governance with role-based access control, granular event logging and granular policy-based DLP controls to govern storage and collaboration.

We looked at all competitors, and CTERA's security was the best.

Jeff Pisano - VP of IT

Feature Highlights

  • Deploy From Your Cloud of Choice
    Deploy on-premises or in a virtual private cloud (VPC) to keep your data within your network and 100% behind your firewall.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
    Use your SSO and ID management tools of choice to provide seamless user authentication and avoid duplicate credentials.
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    Source-based AES-256 encryption
    Data is encrypted before it is sent to the cloud and remains encrypted as it is stored.
  • SHA-1 Data Fingerprinting
    Ensures data integrity as it travels between locations, prevents man-in-the-middle attacks and transfer errors.
  • Private Encryption Key Management
    Manage your own encryption keys or use personal passphrases per user to prevent privileged admins from accessing data.
  • 2-Factor Authentication for File Sharing
    Use email and SMS-based two-factor authentication for external file sharing to ensure only intended parties can access files.
  • Role-Based Access Control
    Use Active Directory or LDAP roles and groups to control access to data and set up administrator roles.
  • Password Policy Enforcement
    Set minimum password length and complexity, and enforce password change frequency.
  • In-Transit TLS Encryption
    In addition to data encryption, all WAN transfers use Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol over the WAN, preventing unauthorized interception of data transfers.
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    Granular Event Logging
    Monitor and log security events such as user access and failed logins, and integrate with SIEM systems via Syslog for 3rd party audit trail retention and reporting.
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    Restricted Content Policies
    Define rules based on file size, name, or type that deny or allow files to be shared externally or uploaded to your network.
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    3rd Party Security Integrations
    Integrations with leading Anti-Virus, EMM and DLP tools ensure that security and governance follow the data.

End-to-End Security Architecture