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Optimizing Enterprise File Services

CTERA’s mission is to enable cloud-driven enterprise IT organizations to deliver secure file services. We believe modern organizations should be able to harness the agility, scalability, collaboration and cost efficiencies of the cloud, without compromising the performance, availability or security of their data.

About Us

We Live in the Cloud... and Breathe Security

CTERA Networks was founded in 2008 by IT security veterans, who anticipated the digital transformation that cloud computing would bring to enterprise IT, as well as the challenges it presented for infrastructure management, data governance, privacy and security.

In a world where data flows between clouds, offices and endpoints – CTERA has focused on building a secure enterprise file services platform that centrally manages the file storage, control and governance needs of the modern enterprise.

Our Approach

Unified Multi-Cloud Data Management
from Edge to Cloud

From the outset, CTERA realized that traditional file storage and collaboration solutions are not suitable for the modern enterprise workplace. Legacy point solutions generate data silos, do not provide a holistic view of data governance and security, and inflate IT management overhead and costs. To address this void, CTERA built a unified solution that combines the benefits of local file services at the edge with cloud storage.

The CTERA Enterprise File Services Platform unifies endpoint, branch office and cloud file services to enable next-generation file storage, collaboration, data protection, and disaster recovery.

Powered by a cloud-native global file system, CTERA’s platform enables multi-cloud data management with full control over data residency, military-grade security and edge-to-cloud acceleration for desktops and branch offices.

CTERA helped pioneer enterprise file services delivery in the cloud era by building secure and efficient protocols for edge-to-cloud data transport, RESTful APIs that drive operational efficiencies, and a multi-tenant data management model to ensure data isolation and confidentiality.

The Time is Now

The “C” in CTERA stands for cloud – in 2008 the level of enterprise adoption of cloud was very low as we continued to build out and mature our platform. But today an entirely different picture has emerged. In fact, by 2024, large enterprises will triple their unstructured data stored as file or object storage on-premises, at the edge or in the public cloud, compared to 20201. As enterprises move to adopt cloud, they need the right balance of choice of file services and a level of security and control that is superior to traditional ways of operating. A rapid transformation to ‘IT-as-a-Service’ is changing strategies across the enterprise as file service platform requirements become the same that have existed for some time in the service provider market – these IT strategies are taking shape in worldwide adoption of the CTERA Enterprise File Services Platform.

Gartner Market Guide for Hybrid Cloud Storage March 2020
Our Customers

The Trusted Choice of Leading Enterprises

With over 50,000 connected sites and millions of corporate users, CTERA powers the file services transformations of leading global banks, insurance companies, telecommunications firms, and federal and defense organizations.

CTERA at a Glance

Founded in 2008 by Liran Eshel & Zohar Kaufman
Adopted by 50,000 Businesses Worldwide
Deployed in Over 110 Countries Worldwide
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Join our rapidly growing, challenging and innovative workplace, peppered with a fun and casual vibe.
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We're managed by a seasoned results-driven team with proven success in leading high-growth technology startups.
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