Our Vision: Your Files, Your Cloud

At CTERA we want to provide enterprises with the best experience in managing how files are stored, accessed, shared and governed in a world where data flows between clouds, and users work and collaborate on the go. Data silos and storage tied to a specific location or hardware are in the past.

Born In The Cloud, Founded Upon Security Expertise

CTERA was founded by IT security veterans, who in 2008 identified the digital transformation that cloud computing would bring to enterprise IT, and the challenges this transformation presented for infrastructure management, data governance, privacy and security. In a world where data follows the user as it flows between clouds, offices and endpoints – the focus was on building a private cloud storage as a service platform that could centrally manage how security and governance follows the data wherever it flows.


Private Enterprise File Sync Whitepaper

Cloud storage Architecture Whitepaper


A Platform Approach to Enterprise File Services

At CTERA we quickly realized that point solutions are not the answer to the growing fluidity of file use across the enterprise. Point solutions generate data silos, do not provide a holistic view of data governance and data security, and create IT management overhead and costs that are entirely avoidable.

The only way to usher in a new era of file services is to deploy a comprehensive, flexible, ‘born in the cloud’ platform – the CTERA Enterprise File Services Platform. Everything you need to deploy and manage file services such as sync & share,

backup, and remote branch storage is built into in the CTERA platform.

Enterprises deploy the CTERA platform from private and public cloud (VPC) infrastructures, with no compromise on security and performance. As a cloud native solution, CTERA offers secure and efficient protocols, RESTful APIs and a multi-tenant data security and service management model to enable the security and operational efficiencies demanded by today’s IT-as-a-Service organizations.


The Time is Now

The “C” in CTERA stands for cloud – in 2008 the level of enterprise adoption of cloud was very low as we continued to build out and mature our platform. By 2020, 90 percent of organizations will have adopted hybrid cloud infrastructure management capabilities1. As enterprises move to adopt cloud, they need the right balance of choice of file services and a level of security and control that is superior to traditional ways of operating. A rapid transformation to ‘IT-as-a-Service’ is changing strategies across the enterprise as file service platform requirements become the same that have existed for some time in the service provider market – these IT strategies are taking shape in worldwide adoption of the CTERA Enterprise File Services Platform.

1 Gartner: Predicts 2017: Infrastructure Services Become Hybrid Infrastructure Services


Our Customers are the Proof

Many of the world’s largest organizations use CTERA on the cloud infrastructure of their choice to deliver secure, easy-to-use file services to cloud-integrated endpoints, offices and cloud-based applications.

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