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Fast. Efficient. Secure File Collaboration.

Empower Users to Get the Job Done

Improve the productivity of distributed teams by enabling fast and efficient multi-site file collaboration. Access the same file shares and tap into expert resources from any remote or home office as needed. Enjoy fast and encrypted file transfer protocols to overcome latency and ensure security across your organization.

Seamless Collaboration Across Distributed Teams

Secure File Sharing

Give your users private and vendor-neutral file sharing with secure links for internal and external collaboration. Deploy in your datacenter or as a ‘virtual private’ solution that leverages public cloud infrastructure. Either way, you’ll always retain complete control and ownership of your data.

More about our end-to-end security

From Any Device, Anytime, Anywhere in the Globe

Natively access, edit and share all organizational files from any Windows, Mac, or Linux laptop/workstation or iOS, Android, or Windows mobile device. Share files and folders externally using date-limited links, and access previous versions of files.

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Always See the Latest Version

CTERA’s global file system tracks file changes across the entire organization and creates unique, incremental versions of files as they are updated. Changes are then distributed to each Edge Filer to ensure users at every site are accessing the most up-to-date version.

Learn more about the CTERA Global File System

Infinite File Capacity

Never run out of hard disk space again. CTERA’s intelligent caching technology lets users enjoy unbridled desktop access to an unlimited number of cloud-based files and folders, regardless of the physical storage on their devices. Our Global File System is a federated Distributed File System which makes data available over long distances. Perfect for remote workers, no matter your location. 

Learn more about caching

Better Productivity and Reduced Costs

Improve productivity by accessing files directly from your computer, without waiting for files to sync. Work on cloud files like you do on your network drive, but without the network storage infrastructure costs.

Learn more about reducing file storage costs

Remove the File Sharing Burden from IT

Some popular file sharing tools are cumbersome and typically necessitate time-consuming and costly IT support. CTERA enables users to set up their own shared workspaces for multi-site collaboration without IT involvement and without file size or bandwidth limits.

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Multi-Site Collaboration in Action

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