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Secure Digital Transformation for Government and Defense

Government and defense agencies are seeking to enable greater levels of employee productivity and TCO reduction through the modernization of legacy IT infrastructure, but concerns over the security and privacy of critically-sensitive data can slow the progress of digital transformation initiatives.

CTERA provides a proven, military-grade file services platform that enables government and military agencies to deploy secure and modern data management solutions across any number of locations and users.

CTERA Helps Government Agencies Address
Aging IT Infrastructure
Modernize office/base IT with a resilient and secure platform that enhances user productivity
Data Migration Challenges
Seamlessly migrate existing systems and file permissions from legacy infrastructure
Data Control & Security
Ensure military-grade control over data residency, firewall perimeter, and encryption keys

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Feature Highlights

Solutions For Government/Defense

Legacy File Server Replacement
Modern edge appliances to replace legacy file servers and backup processes, all centrally managed over any number of locations
Secure Content Collaboration
A private solution that enables users to securely access, edit, sync, and share files anytime, anywhere
VDI Home and Project Folders
High-performance and highly-resilient file experiences for users traveling to remote locations
Disaster Recovery
Instant failover of remote file servers to the cloud in the event of an outage, ensuring zero user downtime

Built to Meet Military-Grade Requirements

100% In-Firewall
Deploy on-premises in your datacenter or virtual private cloud
Source-Based Data Encryption
In-traffic (TLS) and at rest (AES-256)
FIPS 140-2 & DoDIN APL Certified
Validated for securing sensitive government data and listed on the Department of Defense Information Network (DoDIN) Approved Products List (APL).
Efficient Data Transfer and Replication
Data is optimized to overcome high latency of remote locations
Private Key Management
Zero third-party access to your keys
Advanced Authentication
Client-side private key authentication with CAC/smart cards
WORM (Write Once Read Many) protection that allows data to be written to a storage system once, preventing modifications and/or deletions for adherence to regulations such as NIST 800-53 compliance requirements.
Immutable Snapshots
Securely store snapshots in immutable, air-gapped object storage, that cannot be deleted or modified during the retention period.

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