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Branch Storage Modernization

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All-in-One Storage, Backup, Sync and Caching Appliance

Modernize your remote office/branch office (ROBO) IT with a comprehensive solution combining on-premises and cloud storage. CTERA's cloud storage gateways replace file servers, tape backup and other proprietary systems with a cost-effective, easily managed solution optimized for performance in an enterprise environment.

Modernize Windows Storage

CTERA Cloud Storage Gateways enable organizations to replace Windows Storage Servers with a comprehensive, cloud-integrated and centrally managed solution. CTERA’s gateway appliances offer built-in storage, file sync and backup software, and can be managed on a large scale from a single console.

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Infinite File Capacity

CTERA’s intelligent caching technology delivers unlimited file access to office users, with visibility to all organizational files centralized in the cloud. Users enjoy easy collaboration across offices and endpoints with no local storage restraints, with files dynamically cached from any secure cloud to gateways and desktops.

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Cross-Site Collaboration

CTERA Edge Filers provide fast, local access and collaboration to cloud-based files. Users in separate geographies can easily work on files to improve productivity while maintaining the highest levels of performance and data security and control.

Ideal for the Dispersed Enterprise

CTERA has deployed appliances in more than 110 countries around the world – from Argentina to Zimbabwe. Many of CTERA’s customers have dozens, hundreds or even thousands of sites dispersed across large geographical areas. CTERA’s scalable platform supports any large deployment, including those with unreliable or slow Internet connections.


Choose Your Cloud Architecture

Connect your on-premises storage to your private cloud or datacenter storage infrastructure, to your public or hosted-private cloud IaaS provider, or to a CTERA-managed virtual private cloud (VPC). Freed from vendor lock-in, you have the flexibility to support current and future requirements.

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Centralized Management

Manage all aspects of ROBO storage from a single console: Monitor usage, perform upgrades, and troubleshoot remotely. Efficient template-based management and configurable alerts make this an easy task, even on a large scale.

Zero-Minute Disaster Recovery

Redirect users to secure direct-to-cloud file access in the event of an outage, ensuring uninterrupted office productivity. Seamless ACL (user permissions) enforcement on both the local gateway and in the cloud ensure users have same file access in cloud failover scenarios, while enterprise IT saves $1,000s per office by eliminating the need for expensive, redundant office storage appliances.

ROBO Storage at a Fraction of the Cost

CTERA typically reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) by 70% to 80% compared with alternative branch and remote office storage solutions. We do this by replacing several separate point products with a single solution with efficient, centralized management tools.

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Robo Storage Architecture

CTERA saved us money, enabled real-time availability of our corporate data, and made our business more secure.

Jeff Pisano - VP of Operations