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Global Deduplication
from Edge to Cloud

CTERA employs source and target-based deduplication and compression, optimizing effective cache capacity and minimizing impacts on available WAN bandwidth, reducing storage usage by up to 80%. CTERA can deduplicate data blocks across multiple sites and users, whether in a specific geography, within a department, or across your entire organization.

Shrink Your Network Traffic and Storage Footprint
Reduce Storage Costs
Source-based deduplication and compression reduce storage usage by up to 90%.
Minimize Impact on WAN Traffic
Incremental-forever backup and sync mean only changed blocks are sent, minimizing WAN traffic impact.
Improve Data Transfer Speeds
Send TBs of logical data per hour across the WAN while users continue working without interruptions.

Feature Highlights

Source-Based Deduplication
Perform deduplication at the source; deduplicate data to optimize edge cache usage, data transfer speed, and cloud storage.
Customizable Deduplication Groups
Apply deduplication across your organization based on confidentiality and efficiency needs.
Block-Level with Configurable Block Size
Control block size for optimal tradeoff of performance vs. data reduction.
Scheduled Bandwidth Throttling
Limit backup and sync usage of bandwidth by day of the week and time of day.
Source-Based (Client-Side) Compression
Compress all data prior to transmission over the WAN for maximum data reduction.
Completely Transparent to End Users
Ensure zero interruption to other applications, with minimal use of system resources.

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