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StorSimple Migration to CTERA Enterprise File Services

Quickly and seamlessly migrate from Microsoft StorSimple to CTERA Enterprise File Services with zero downtime for users.

Powering Branch IT Modernization for Distributed Organizations

Data Discovery

CTERA Discovery provides a full data analysis on all your shares to be migrated from StorSimple in order to provide complete insight and a full pre-migration report about file accounts, recently accessed data, and more to allow for better planning before the migration begins.

Using the analytics from the Discovery Tool, the Migration Assistant will preserve all current shares and permissions, allowing you to decide where to store the hot (frequently accessed data), while also providing options to move cold/dark data into a less expensive S3 storage.

Fast Data Migration

Migrate from StorSimple to CTERA Enterprise File Services rapidly with no interruption to data access for users.

Using CTERA’s Discovery Tool, along with CTERA’s Migration Assistant, local migration is a seamless and non-disruptive process to ensure business continuity for your Enterprise. 

CTERA’s Direct protocol, provides Ultra-Fast file transfer performance to speeds as high as 30TB of daily change per site using advanced deduplication and compression, with no latency constraints and secured with a Zero-Trust Architecture with dual AES-256 encryption. All direct access requests are pre-approved and digitally signed, so you’ll never worry about a compromised edge device corrupting critical data.

Global File System

CTERA’s Global File System provides users with infinite cloud-based capacity, and modern collaboration for distributed offices and WFH users in a secure multi-cloud environment.

Multi-Cloud Support

CTERA Enterprise File Services Platform gives you unmatched flexibility and control allowing you to choose the right cloud for the right job, move data across clouds and reduce storage costs without portability issues or vendor lock-in. Continually hone your cloud strategy and optimize deployment models to meet your evolving business needs.

The CTERA Architecture

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