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The Hyperconverged Cloud with Edge-to-Cloud File Services

Reduced Cloud Storage Costs, High Performance and Unlimited Storage

Globally distributed enterprises are looking for ways to combine the efficiency and high performance of edge computing with the cost-effective scalability of cloud object storage.

Unifying Hyperconvergence with Edge-to-Cloud File Services

CTERA brings the benefits of edge-to-cloud data management to hyperconverged environments. Our industry-first hyperconverged cloud gateway simplifies the management of edge computing and global file services for enterprises with thousands of users at remote sites.

CTERA intelligently tiers data to cloud object storage to reduce costs, while ensuring you have the power and capacity for large datasets and Tier-1 application management at the edge.

Total Consolidation at the Edge

CTERA’s unified edge solution simplifies remote IT infrastructure by consolidating the entire range of edge infrastructure and data management into one box. With less to install and less to integrate, fewer IT resources are required to manage remote sites and users.

Unlimited Scalability

Smart caching enables organizations to enjoy infinite capacity, as hot files are cached and stored at the edge, while cold files are offloaded to cloud storage. No need for truck rolls or new appliances to increase capacity. And no extra cost since the cloud storage uses resources that already exist for backup.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Support

CTERA’s hyperconverged solutions enable highly efficient VDI management for enterprises managing home folders and projects. CTERA Edge Filers expose home folders and project folders as a network drive cached to the cloud, while “old” files are tiered to low-cost cloud storage rather than traditional virtual desktop infrastructure.

Monetization of Data

By maintaining the primary copy of all data in the private cloud, all users across the organization have access to data, regardless of where it is created. This eliminates dark data at the edge and enables organizations to monetize the data at their disposal.

Multi-Site File Collaboration

A built-in file sync & share (FSS) service makes it easy for users to access, share and collaborate on any file regardless of their location and using any device. Simple, fine-grained controls guarantee information security, without compromising ease of use.

Disaster Recovery

Triple data redundancy, based on two high availability local nodes and replication to private cloud storage, ensures that data is never lost. This means that even if both local nodes fail, you can failover to access your data directly from the cloud.

Backup and Archival of Local Application Data

Periodic cloud backup of all local application data is performed automatically. The hyperconverged cloud gateway also supports file data archiving, providing a local view of cloud archival data that can be accessed whenever needed.

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