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File Services over Object Storage

Reduce file storage costs by 80% without changing the way your business works.

To thrive in today's data economy, enterprises seek efficient ways to store, manage and analyze their exponentially growing data assets. They need object storage solutions for scalability and cost savings without sacrificing the convenience and performance of a traditional file system.

Highly Efficient Enterprise File Data Storage and Collaboration

Object Storage Benefits and Limitations


  • Scales to hundreds of petabytes
  • Slashes costs by 80% compared to enterprise filer
  • Well-suited for secondary storage of massive volumes of unstructured data (e.g., archiving)
  • Fast and efficient data recovery and retrieval based on detailed metadata
  • Simple REST API and permissions model


  • High latency in retrieving specific objects
  • Applications designed for standard file systems need to be rewritten
  • Not suited for databases that are frequently updated or real-time applications
  • Objects are arranged in flat buckets rather than familiar filesystem hierarchy
  • Not compatible with CIFS/SMB protocol and NT ACL permissions

Unlock the Potential of Object Storage and Cloud File Storage for Modern Enterprise Workloads

CTERA enables traditional filesystem-based applications and workloads to work with object storage, so enterprises can enjoy the benefits of object storage without the limitations. The CTERA Edge Filer exposes the file server interface (e.g., SMB and NFS protocols), acting as a replacement for the existing file server.

With CTERA’s object storage solutions, applications don’t need to be rewritten and users continue to work with a hierarchical file structure and Microsoft-compatible NT ACL permissions. The Edge Filer caches files locally for fast user access and syncs files across multiple sites, while the bulk of the data is kept in low-cost object storage on-prem or in the cloud.

Feature Highlights

Infinite Scalability
CTERA enables boundless storage capacity for all sites, caching and storing hot files at the edge while tiering cold files to cloud object storage. Elastically scale your storage capacity to multiple petabytes, without introducing latency at the edge and allowing seamless migration from your legacy file servers.
Enhanced Data Visibility and Insight
CTERA aggregates and audits every aspect of distributed file storage, sharing and access across the enterprise, eliminating data silos and enabling organizations to monetize the data at their disposal. Reduce governance and security risks related to Shadow IT and give users full access to data created at the edge in a searchable and analyzable repository.
Reduced Storage Costs
Edge caching, as well as deduplication and compression of files prior to storage, help to reduce egress charges and object storage volumes. Enterprises can reduce storage costs by up to 80% by replacing legacy file servers with affordable object storage.
End-to-End Data Security
CTERA offers military-grade data security for enterprises using cloud object storage services. Source-based encryption with private key management secures your data before it before it leaves your devices, offices and servers. This means that even in the case of a data breach or cyber-attack in the cloud, your data cannot be decrypted or read.
Global Data Management and Control
Managing up to thousands of endpoints, remote offices and applications, CTERA's Global File System provide centralized management and control over all organizational data, reducing your IT burden. Files are consolidated into a global namespace and use the same file structure as a legacy file server for a familiar and productive user experience.

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