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Cloud Bursting and Compute Capacity

Hybrid cloud architectures enable organizations to cost-effectively increase their storage capacity, while tapping high-speed cloud processing on-demand to meet business needs. Using a cloud-centric caching approach, CTERA allows organizations to benefit from capacity and compute bursting with seamless local access to data in the cloud.
Seamlessly Expand Your Storage and Compute Capacity
Capacity Bursting
Provide infinite storage capacity at edge locations by offloading rarely accessed data to cloud storage, while keeping frequently accessed data in a local, high performance cache.
Compute Bursting
Unleash the high-performance compute capabilities of the cloud for processing locally created datasets.
High-Performance Uses
Enable local teams to work on live data while utilizing on-demand cloud instances for computational tasks such as media rendering, visual effects, and analytics.
Reduce Storage Costs
Slash storage costs by up to 80% by consolidating traditional file infrastructure with low-cost cloud object storage.

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Cloud Bursting Capabilities

Infinite Scalability

Enjoy boundless storage capacity for all sites, caching and storing hot files at the edge while offloading cold data storage to cloud object storage. Elastically scale your storage capacity to petabytes, without introducing latency at the edge.

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Reduce Storage Costs

Slash storage costs by up to 80% by replacing legacy file servers with low-cost cloud object storage. Since cloud storage is elastic, you only pay for what you need, further reducing the cost of capacity bursting scenarios.

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Fast Access

Give local users fast access to a cloud-based global file system for enhanced productivity and collaboration. Frequently used files are cached locally, while file changes are continuously replicated to the “gold copy” in the cloud.

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Consolidated View

Attain a consolidated view of data in multiple clouds and edge locations. Cloud caching exposes a global file system consolidating all organizational data into a single namespace accessible from anywhere.

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