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Enhanced MacOS Experience

Native MacOS file experiences are largely unsupported by enterprise NAS systems, leading to a direct impact on user productivity and performance.

CTERA has developed MacOS-specific interoperability technology for the purpose of providing a consistent user experience across any operating system and any file share, either on the desktop, on a local Edge Filer, or in the cloud.

CTERA Cache Assist
Finder extension for enhanced display of cached network share
CTERA Drive for MacOS
File Sync and Share agent for collaboration on cloud shares
Seamless experience across desktop and mobile

Feature Highlights

Finder Integration
CTERA macAssist extends Finder with overlay icons, making it easy to identify local files for fast access and collaboration
Spotlight Search
Use Mac Finder to quickly search for global file system data based on the Spotlight index
Support for long and complex filenames
Arbitrarily long paths and special characters can be used ensuring easy migration from the APFS / HFS+ filesystems
Apple File System Compatibility
Support for long paths and special characters for easy migration from the APFS and HFS+ filesystems
Resource Forks
Resource forks are supported for full compatibility with macOS native applications
macOS SMB extensions
Apple extensions to the SMB protocol are fully supported for enhanced compatibility and performance

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