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Global File System

Our Global File System technology is at the core of the CTERA Enterprise File Services Platform. It creates a single global namespace for all your files and helps you achieve infinite cloud storage capacity with reduced costs.

Supporting a full range of edge-to-cloud file services, the Global File System is a federated distributed file system that enables LAN-speed file access, modern multi-site collaboration and data protection for users everywhere.

Take Back Control of Your Data with CTERA's Global File System
Unlimited File Storage Capacity
CTERA’s global file system enables boundless storage capacity for all sites, caching and storing hot files at the edge while tiering cold files to cloud object storage. With elastic scaling, there's no need for truck rolls or new appliances to increase capacity.
Modern Workforce Collaboration
Real-time collaboration among distributed teams accelerates workflows and improves productivity. Any number of users can edit, collaborate, and share files across remote offices with the same familiar file structure and user experience.
Centralized File Management & Control
Centrally orchestrating and managing the data stored on your endpoints, remote offices and mobile devices, CTERA provides comprehensive control over and visibility into your file data from a single pane of glass, reducing your IT burden.

The CTERA Architecture

Global File System Capabilities

Elastic Scalability
Seamlessly add cloud storage capacity using low-cost private object storage or public cloud resources without impacting file access at the edge.
Multi-Site File Sharing and Collaboration
Ensure that all users at all sites always have access to the latest file version. Whether on desktop or on mobile, users can see file changes in real time, and are able to collaborate as if they all were working under one roof.
Data Protection and Availability
Never worry about backup as all file changes are tracked and synced to your cloud. Smart caching ensures availability of critical data even during loss of connectivity or cloud provider downtime. Comply with disaster recovery requirements with CTERA’s zero-minute DR.
Edge-to-Cloud Access
Access the Global File System from your edge filer to seamlessly replace legacy Windows file servers and NAS filers. Run CTERA Drive on your mobile devices or desktop to enable users to collaborate on the same files in real time.
WAN Optimization
Leverage CTERA's source-based deduplication and compression at the edge for reduced latency, optimized bandwidth usage and lower file storage costs.
Office 365 Integration
Create, edit, and collaborate on Office 365 files stored behind the firewall. Create new Office 365 files using CTERA's web browser interface, while ensuring strict security and privacy of corporate information.
Eliminate vendor lock-in. Choose any public, private or hybrid cloud infrastructure or combine multiple cloud providers. Migrate data seamlessly between clouds or on-prem object storage systems without downtime or end-user interruption.
NT-ACL Enforcement
Streamline management of ACLs by maintaining one set of permissions for local and cloud file system access. NT-ACL-aware failover to cloud, and NT-ACL enforcement on the CTERA Portal and the Edge Filer are managed via the Global File System, saving IT admins time and headaches.
Ransomware Protection
Ransom Protect provides state-of-the-art AI ransomware protection mechanism that identifies and halts ransomware attacks in real time and organizations have the ability to instantly recover ‘locked’ data via immutable snapshots.
Data Services
The CTERA data services framework allows organizations to integrate with 3rd party applications to provide greater control, security and visibility over their data.

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