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Global File Services for DevOps

As enterprises increasingly adopt cloud-native architectures, they require faster and more agile ways to deploy infrastructure and services across globally distributed locations. The CTERA SDK for DevOps allows organizations to deploy and continuously manage file services using infrastructure as code (IaC), making it easy to automate global file system management with easy-to-use, clearly documented Python and Ansible interfaces.
Simple, Fast, and Flexible File Services Delivery
CTERA for DevOps
Rapidly deploy and manage hundreds of edge filers across distributed sites
Using agile methods, easily deploy infrastructure and services across distributed sites
Improve infrastructure monitoring through performance KPIs
Real-time performance metrics deliver enhanced infrastructure monitoring
Automate the creation of network shares and user ACLs
Easily manage network shares and access priviliges
Effortlessly provision users and storage quotas
Automated tools for user, folder, and storage quota management, as well as network shares creation
Develop and test apps faster at lower cost through APIs and microservices
Faster application development at a lower cost by consuming APIs and pre-built microservices

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