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Intelligent File Caching

CTERA’s smart cloud caching technology delivers fast local access to a global file system. Frequently used or critical files are cached locally to ensure optimal edge performance, with file changes are replicated to the cloud.

The global file system enables a “gold copy” of all organizational data to be stored on cost-effective and scalable cloud object storage. Enterprises gain unlimited file capacity at the edge with no need for additional storage as data volumes grow.

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How Intelligent Cloud File Caching Works
  • 1
    Users see global file system as a local desktop drive
  • 2
    Changes are deduped, encrypted, and bi-directionally synced with cloud
  • 3
    Non-pinned data removed locally based on LRU algorithm cache settings
Infinite, Fast Access to Cloud Files from Any Device

Unlimited File Capacity
Secure and unlimited file access from any endpoint or edge filer.

Reduced Edge Storage
Only frequently used files are stored at the edge, eliminating the need for new appliances to expand capacity.

Highest Speed File Access
Office and remote user access to centralized cloud-based files with optimized file server and endpoint access.

Multi-Cloud Data Management
Seamlessly move files across clouds to meet cost efficiency or data protection requirements.

Global Namespace
Local presentation of cloud-based file ‘stubs’ on edge devices gives users complete access to the global file system from their laptop or workstation.

Seamless Data Migration
Easy migration of existing network file shares, access permissions, and ACLs/security policies from legacy file systems.

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File Cloud Caching Endpoint Walkthrough:


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