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CTERA Portal

The CTERA Portal is an enterprise file services delivery platform comprising our multi-cloud Global File System as well as multi-tenant management of CTERA Edge and CTERA Drive clients.

Large-Scale Management
Manage PB-scale global file services for thousands of distributed sites and users. Consolidate edge-to-cloud data management across the enterprise, with single-pane-of-glass administration for remote locations and roaming users.
Bring Your Own Cloud
Get unmatched flexibility and control over your multi-cloud IT environment. Choose from any public, private or hybrid cloud infrastructure to meet your specific use cases for optimal cost efficiency and compliance.
Total Data Insight
Leverage advanced monitoring, analytics and classification tools for full visibility and insight into unstructured data across sites and clouds, while preventing data leakage and malware infection.

Multi-Cloud Global File Services Delivery Has Never Been Easier

Unlimited Scalability

With elastic multi-cloud scaling, the CTERA Portal manages petabyte-scale global file services for thousands of distributed sites and users. Seamlessly add storage capacity using private or public cloud storage resources, without impacting file access at the edge. No need for additional hardware, truck rolls or new appliances to increase capacity.

Fast and Easy File Access

All users at all sites always have secure access (at office and mobile) to the latest file version and see file changes in real time. CTERA syncs files from any device and accelerates file access speeds using predictive fetching, smart caching and a variety of WAN optimization techniques. Our unified approach enables easy access to the Global File System from your cloud gateway, desktop or mobile device.

Modern Multi-Site Collaboration

Real-time collaboration among distributed teams accelerates workflows and improves productivity. Using CTERA’s Global File System, any number of users can edit, collaborate, and share files as if they were working under one roof.

Global Namespace

Users can access any file from any location subject to their access rights. Administrators define “zones” which set the unique privileges of each site. These zones can range from a specific folder to the entire corporate file system. No need to define individual file systems and manage data migration and separate copies.

Cloud Data Migration Tools

Easy-to-use data migration tools enable enterprises to scope data assets and move data seamlessly across different cloud and NAS storage systems without any system downtime or end user interruption. Preservation of Windows NT ACL permissions enables IT admins to replicate file structure from legacy file system to CTERA quickly and efficiently.

Data Management and Service Orchestration at Scale

Centralized Management

Orchestrating and managing unstructured data across thousands of endpoints and remote offices across multiple clouds, the CTERA Portal provides comprehensive insight and control over organizational data from a single console. It aggregates and audits every aspect of worldwide file storage, sharing and access across the enterprise, eliminating Shadow IT and strengthening data governance.

Streamlined Service Orchestration and Integration

Native service orchestration features let you create, manage and monitor diverse enterprise file services thru a zero development, wizard-driven process. Ready-to-use connectors simplify integration with cloud automation systems, so you can manage CTERA-based services like any other cloud or “as-a-service” deployment in your organization.

Flexible Deployment Options

CTERA Portal software can be deployed on-premise (private cloud) or as a virtual private cloud (VPC) in an IaaS environment. CTERA works with all major cloud infrastructure providers, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Dell-EMC, HPE, and others. Simple API-based integration with your identity management, anti-virus, data governance, automation and mobility tools ensures zero disruption to your existing ecosystem.

Multi-Tenant and Multi-Tier Management

A highly secure and isolated multi-tenant environment allows organizations to run separate programs/services at the department level, so that they can share infrastructure with full data confidentiality. The multi-tenant architecture also empowers service providers to deploy and manage their own services on their own infrastructure.

Enabling IT-as-a-Service Transformation

Automate the provisioning of new user and data protection services with pre-defined service plans as part of your IT-as-a-Service transformation. CTERA’s API integrations with leading service automation, service catalog and marketplace platforms make it easy to request, provision, chargeback and support enterprise file services without manual service administration overhead.

CTERA Portal Solutions & Add-ons
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CTERA Portal
Private Edition
Customer-hosted in datacenter or VPC
CTERA Portal
Virtual Private Edition
CTERA or partner-dedicated hosted
CTERA Portal
Hosted Edition
CTERA or partner-hosted
CTERA Security Pack
Anti-virus and DLP scanning | FIPS 140-2 and DoDIN APL Certification
CTERA Insight
Online data monitoring and analytics
Data Classification
File asset discovery and identification

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