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Military-Grade Private Cloud

Ensure Anytime, Anywhere Data Availability for Mission Owners

Deploy on-prem (private cloud) file services that deliver the same resiliency, productivity, and elasticity as civilian cloud-based services, while meeting stringent military-grade data security requirements and mission-critical availability. CTERA's field-proven file services platform is used by the US Department of Defense DoD and federal agencies for storage of classified data.

100% In-Firewall with Multi-Factor Authentication

Trusted by the Department of Defense

CTERA is being used by multiple military and homeland security organizations in the US and abroad to store highly classified, mission-critical information. CTERA is listed on the Department of Defense Information Network Approved Products List (DODIN APL) after passing rigorous interoperability and cybersecurity certification testing.

FIPS 140-2 Certification

CTERA’s Enterprise File Services Platform is FIPS 140-2 validated, reflecting the use of approved cryptographic measures appropriate for storage of top-secret files. Unlike FIPS “compliant” products, CTERA’s use of cryptography has passed rigorous testing by an accredited cryptographic module testing laboratory. This validation ensures CTERA meets stringent federal requirements for random number generation, key management and more.

100% Private DoD Cloud

No data goes to CTERA and there is no need for connectivity to the internet. Unlike some so-called “private” cloud solutions, no application components are hosted by CTERA. All software is installed inside the customer’s data center for a truly private solution.

CAC and PIV Compatible

CTERA’s systems support multi-factor client-side authentication using CAC (Common Access Card)/PIV (Private Identification Card (PIV) cards and their PKI/PIV certificates to ensure that files are not improperly accessed or collaborated on by rogue users.

No Latency at Remote Sites

Designed for operation over high-bandwidth-delay and intermittently available wide area links, the CTERA platform helps you avoid network connectivity issues and latency at mission- critical remote sites such as overseas military outposts. Using a mix of WAN optimization and local caching technologies, CTERA ensures high-performance data transfer for remote users over high latency links.

Continuity of Operations (COOP)

CTERA allows for military-grade Continuity of Operations (CooP), alllowing remote users to continue mission-essential functions across a broad spectrum of no-notice emergencies. CTERA Edge Filers can be deployed at multiple locations in active-active configuration, allowing operations to immediately resume at an alternate facility in the event of an emergency with no loss of data.

Usher File Sharing and Storage into the Digital Age

Modernize your file storage on-premise to keep pace with the digital age. Deploy a military-grade private cloud to enable mission teams to access data anywhere, anytime and on any device. Enjoy the usability you would expect from a civilian SaaS-based solution with the data privacy and security you need to protect classified data.

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