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Edge-to-Cloud File Services for Media and Advertising

Imagine editing enormous cloud-based files without having to download them fully. Empowering your team to work seamlessly from any location, just as if you were sharing the same office space. With CTERA's technology, you can have direct read/write access from the cloud, allowing desktop and server applications to handle large files effortlessly, without the need to upload or download them in their entirety.
The best part? The data is streamed on-demand, allowing tools like Adobe Premiere or DaVinci Resolve to function smoothly and quickly, no different than if you were using a local disk.

Tackle Your High-Capacity Media Storage Challenges
Reduce Content Storage Costs
Achieve infinite capacity and reduce storage costs by replacing NAS appliances at remote sites with CTERA Edge Filers.
Streamline Collaboration
Improve productivity and help dispersed creative teams meet tight deadlines by enabling secure and efficient multi-site collaboration.
Data Security and Residency
Ensure complete data privacy and control over distributed data, assets, and content. Monitor system health and the integrity of your assets.

Modernize your file storage.
Get off your NAS.

Trusted by Leading Media and Advertising Companies


High-Performance, Multi-Cloud Data Management for Media and Advertising

Storage Footprint Reduction
Replace traditional appliances at remote sites with caching-enabled edge-to-cloud filers.
Support any number of globally distributed sites and users without impacting performance.
Automatic Endpoint Backup & DR
Ensure that data is protected and available wherever it resides.
Cloud Bursting
Utilize cloud horsepower for large rendering jobs (e.g., direct access to assets from servers running in the cloud).
Data Tiering and Archiving
Move cold data storage to cloud object storage while caching hot files locally for fast access.
Fast File Streaming and Rendering
Empower users to quickly identify cloud-based files without full downloads.
Advanced macOS and Adobe Support
Enable Mac and Adobe users to seamlessly leverage the CTERA platform on their preferred devices.
Efficient Data Transfer and Replication
Minimize WAN traffic and overcome the high latency of remote locations.
Advanced Security
100% in-firewall deployment, data encryption, private key management, strong authentication, and more.
Central Management
Minimize on-site IT activities for global and distributed production houses.
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