Ransomware Protection

"If it weren't for CTERA, ransomware would have been a devastating and potentially business-closing catastrophe."

- Rob Svendsen, S.J. Louis Construction

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Fighting back against ransomware requires a risk management strategy that goes beyond data security or backup products. 

By combining enterprise-grade data protection tools with file sync technology, CTERA delivers the industry’s most effective ransomware mitigation and business continuity solution.

How Ransomware Works

Ransomware is a particularly insidious form of malware that holds its victims’ files hostage until a ransom – ranging from hundreds of dollars to hundreds of millions of dollars – is paid. An entire organization can be crippled by a user’s mistake of visiting a compromised web page or executing Trojan horse email attachment.


A Global Epidemic

Ransomware infects 100,000 systems every day and projects to cost organizations around the world more than $1 billion over the course of 2016.

This form of malware has reached the heights of a global IT epidemic that every organization has either already faced or will almost certainly face as the pace of cyber-attacks increase on a daily basis.

The Backup Gap

Data protection tools exist for no other reason but to provide recovery for lost data. But ransomware poses interesting challenges for traditional and modern forms of backup.

Tape-based backup and other legacy data protection systems are inefficient, introducing far too large of a recovery point to effectively mitigate a fast-moving ransomware attack. Modern endpoint and server backup products suffer similar limitations, given the default backup interval setting for even the most efficient backup tools ranges from 4-8 hours – nearly a full business day.

Losing a day’s worth of productivity can be can be costly for any organization, but especially for larger offices where hundreds or thousands of users create new files, collaborate on projects, etc.

Add Sync for Minimal RPO

Enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) tools create incremental versions of files as they are changed and updated, and are protected on an “event basis” (a file save) as opposed to a “scheduled” basis (a predefined backup interval).

Sync provides the highest levels of granularity for file and folder recovery, minimizing recovery point exposure vs. traditional approaches to system and file server backup. CTERA EFSS and “Sync” Gateway models can publish and version file updates with less than 5 minutes.

CTERA Backup + Sync = Minimized Ransomware Threat

Backup will always play an instrumental role as a ransomware counter measure, in large part due to backup software’s ability to easily recover full systems and system profiles.

CTERA provides the industry’s only combination of backup and sync tools that provides full system state protection while minimizing the blast radius of any ransomware attack.

Protect your organization. Recover in minutes. Never pay ransom.

Back Up Everything. Roll Back with Sync.