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Multi Cloud Data Management at Scale

The CTERA Cloud Data Management Platform gives you unmatched flexibility and control over your multi cloud IT environment. Choose the right cloud for the right job, move data across clouds and reduce storage costs without portability issues or vendor lock-in. Continually hone your cloud strategy and optimize deployment models to meet your evolving business needs.

Flexibility, Cost Control, Business Continuity.
Multi cloud data management at its best!

Cloud data management services

Retain full control over data residency, security and costs by deploying CTERA file services 100% within your datacenter or cloud infrastructure. Connect CTERA to any object or NFS storage for maximum efficiency and control.

Reduce Storage Costs

Optimize the cost of enterprise file services by automatically moving data to the most cost-effective cloud vendor, or tier your data based on file attributes and access patterns – without impacting performance or operational overhead.

Know Where Your Data Resides

Replicate files across multiple clouds and object storage systems with total control over where data resides at all times, facilitating compliance and data governance.

Feature Highlights
Data Portability and Cloud Migration
Standardized file formats let you port apps and data to multiple clouds without rewrites or vendor lock-in. Migrate data seamlessly between clouds without downtime or end user service interruption.
Full Visibility
Eliminate data islands that can develop across various infrastructures and gain complete visibility into unstructured data across the organization.
Data Replication
Multi cloud data replication ensures business continuity when enterprises move data and applications off-prem and need a new off-site backup target.

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