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Remotify Your IT

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced traditional enterprises to deliver remote file services for small office and WFH users. Learn how CTERA can extend your corporate file system to remote users without breaking file access protocols, changing file structures, or compromising security in managing a remote workforce.
A Global File System for the Post-Covid Era

The pandemic forced an overnight shift to work-from-home that has raised serious data management challenges in enabling remote NAS access, scaling distributed VDI platforms, and combating a steep rise in ransomware attacks. According to Gartner, 48% of employees will work remotely after the pandemic, compared to 30% pre-pandemic. As a result, IT organizations are rethinking long-term remote workforce IT strategies to ensure fast and secure access to corporate data from any location.

The CTERA Enterprise File Services Platform enables organizations to connect remote sites and users over a single namespace and deliver HQ-grade data access experiences from any edge location or device. By unifying local file sharing with multi-cloud object storage, CTERA’s global file system technology allows enterprises to modernize every aspect of their distributed file services delivery – including remote offices, work-from-home laptops, VDI, and mobile – without compromising performance or security.

Keep your existing datacenter
Keep your existing ACLs and file structure
Keep your existing security model
Keep your existing user protocols (SMB/CIFS)

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Take File Services to the ‘Far Edge’

Enable HQ-grade experiences anywhere with CTERA’s remote work solutions, including the Edge HC100 filer. The desktop-sized filer extends access to corporate file shares for small regional teams and data-intensive home users while preserving consistent folder structures, permissions, and access control.

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Drive Remote User Productivity

Extend your corporate NAS to users working anywhere and empower them to be highly productive through familiar SMB/CIFS protocols. CTERA’s edge filers and endpoint clients connect any number of edge locations to a global file system to enable secured remote file access. 

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Grow Your Business

By maintaining ‘business-as-usual’ during a crisis, your organization can continue to thrive in a tough global environment. CTERA’s remote working solutions help you gain a strategic remote workforce enablement advantage over competitors ill-equipped to support distributed users.

Customer Success Stories

Overcome Latency

Ensure distributed users stay connected through CTERA’s highly optimized data transfer protocol. Help users overcome the “last mile” of connectivity, reducing WAN traffic to make WFH users feel as though they were in the office.

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Ensure Data Security

Maintain your existing security model with CTERA’s private solution. Keep your firewall and protect data moving from edge to cloud. Learn why CTERA is trusted by the U.S. Department of Defense and other security-focused organizations.

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Reduce Costs

Modernize your IT without breaking the bank. CTERA saves customers up to 80 percent compared to traditional systems by harnessing the power of cloud to easily scale organizational requirements and drive significant cost efficiencies.

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Mitigate Risk

Ensure user data is protected, no matter where they work, with CTERA endpoint backup and wide-ranging data control tools. Enable remote file access and uptime for remote users while streamlining the deployment and management of storage services that ensure business continuity.

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