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CTERA Migrate

Built-in data migration engine that provides data discovery and automated import of files shares from legacy NAS systems. CTERA Migrate streamlines enterprise cloud transformation initiatives that otherwise might be hindered by the complexity and cost overhead of data migration from legacy systems.

Automated Data Migration
Seamless transfer of corporate file shares from legacy NAS systems such as NetApp, Dell EMC, and Windows Server with full preservation of existing file system structure and permissions.
Data Visualization
Use advanced data discovery to gain insight into your file assets so you can easily plan and scope your cloud migration project.
Reduced Cost and Complexity
Built-in, easy-to-use migration tools accelerate deployment and eliminate the need for external servers, third-party software, or professional services teams.

Automated Data Migration

Data Discovery

Data discovery tools provide automated analysis of enterprise file shares and rich data visualization of file sizes, types, and other attributes to help admins understand organizational migration requirements.

Easy-to-Use GUI and Central Management

All migration processes can be easily managed through a single-pane-of-glass GUI, and scanning features provide time estimates on various jobs. There are no third-party tools to install or proxy servers to maintain; CTERA Migrate is an all-in-one data migration solution and comes pre-packaged in every new customer deployment.

Works with Your NAS

CTERA Migrate is compatible with all common NAS and file server infrastructure, including NetApp, Dell EMC, and Windows Servers.

File Share, Folder, and ACL Preservation

By migrating all existing folder and shares structures and preserving ACLs, CTERA Migrate enables customers to save time and not have to recreate file systems and permissions.

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