Managing File Services Has Never Been Easier

With CTERA’s built-in service orchestration capabilities, creating and managing diverse file services is a zero development, wizard-driven process. And with our ready-to-use connectors for popular automation systems, you can manage CTERA-based services as you do other cloud or “as-a-service” deployments within your organization.

Your Business Benefits
  • Centralized Management

    Manage 100,000s of connected users and devices from a single console. Monitor usage, perform upgrades, and troubleshoot remotely.

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    Automation and Provisioning

    Automate service provisioning, quota management, billing, alerts and more to keep administration overhead to a minimum.

  • Hierarchical Self-Service

    Allow local admins and end-users to perform simple operations, improving user satisfaction and liberating system admins from mundane tasks.

Feature Highlights

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    Real-time monitoring
    Monitor all aspects of service management and system operation from a single pane-of-glass console.
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    Customized end-user emails
    Brand/customize system emails received by end-users, including service plan updates, backup failures, quota reached, and more.
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    Configurable email alerts
    Get alerts on system events including disconnected devices, subscription renewals, storage quotas and more.
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    Admin role definitions
    Define roles and assign privileges to full admins, read-only admins, support staff and other types of system users.
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    Template-based management
    Change backup schedules, storage quotas, and other parameters for thousands of devices at once, using configuration templates.
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    Remote software/firmware upgrades
    Manage version repository, upgrade CTERA client software and appliance firmware based on policy and scheduling preferences.
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    Dashboard and sortable list views
    View system alerts and essential usage stats. Generate reports and sortable lists of users, devices, events and storage folders.
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    Automated billing integration
    Automate back-office operations through 3rd-party integrations for billing, credit card payment and internal charge-back.
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    Service plan creation
    Wizard-driven, flexible service plans that allow defining features, storage quotas, trial accounts and more.
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    Service catalog/app store integration
    Enable end-users/customers to subscribe to CTERA-based apps and services in service catalogs or online app stores.

Cloud Automation Connectors

CTERA's native service orchestration capabilities are further extended with integrations for leading third-party billing, monitoring and cloud automation systems.

Odin APS 2.0

Carrier Cloud Platform

IT Management SW Suite

Cloud Service Automation

Server & Compliance


Puppet Enterprise


SaltStack Enterprise

CTERA enabled us to replace expensive tape backup, ensure SOX compliance and reduce TCO by 65%.

Antoine Boury, Head of Information Technology

CTERA 5.0 supports our vision of centrally managed, comprehensive and simple-to-use remote data services...

Matt McQuoid - Director of IT Operations