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CTERA Sets the Pace Again as a Leader in Cloud File Storage

In the last few months, CTERA has amassed several accolades – from our confirmation as a Top Leader on GigaOm’s Radar for the third year in a row to Michael Amselem being named a 2024 CRN® Channel Chief. And there’s one more achievement we’re proudly adding to the list.   

In its Map 2023 for File Storage, Coldago Research named CTERA as a leader in the Cloud File Storage Industry.  

About the Coldago Report 

The Coldago Report provides a structured framework for understanding and navigating the landscape of file storage solutions. By segmenting the market into distinct categories and sub-segments, it allows large-scale businesses to gain clarity on who relevant players are in the industry, compare offerings, and make informed decisions. 

Further, the Coldago Report helps in recognizing emerging trends, technological advancements, and areas of innovation within file storage. It serves as a reference point for evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of different solutions, as well as for understanding the evolving needs and preferences of users in various sectors. 

In essence, the Coldago Map acts as a guidepost for both vendors and consumers, facilitating communication, collaboration, and progress within the file storage ecosystem. Its relevance lies in its ability to streamline complexity, foster transparency, and drive efficiency across the marketplace. 

In total, the company studied 39 global businesses to determine which deserve to be named either niche, specialist, challenger or leader. For the second year in a row, CTERA was positioned in the top right as the highest-ranked leader.  

Coldago Research Map 2023 for Cloud File Storage

Coldago Research Map 2023 for Cloud File Storage

CTERA Remains a Cloud File Storage Pioneer 

Our recognition by leading analysts in the cloud file storage industry marks a significant milestone for us, instilling immense pride among the entire CTERA team. It underscores our commitment to delivering superior products and services, ensuring our customers’ confidence in our capabilities. Furthermore, it fuels our drive to continually innovate and excel in the realm of cloud storage. 

With independent validation of CTERA’s leadership status and the recent introduction of groundbreaking features (with more to come in 2024!), our reputation as the first choice for organizations seeking cloud file storage solutions, particularly in hybrid data management from edge to cloud, is firmly established. 


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