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How to Ensure Business Continuity with CTERA's Rapid Recovery

Businesses rely heavily on their data to drive operations, make critical decisions, and maintain a competitive edge, but with the increasing frequency and complexity of cyber threats, hardware failures, and natural disasters, the consequences of data loss can be devastating. That’s where CTERA’s rapid recovery can help, providing a robust solution to safeguard your data and ensure uninterrupted business.

How does CTERA address rapid recovery?

From financial losses and damaged reputation to regulatory non-compliance, the impacts of downtime can be far-reaching. Traditional backup solutions are not enough to guarantee timely recovery and often leave businesses vulnerable to extended periods of disruption. CTERA works differently. Since CTERA’s Edge Filers are caching appliances, all of your metadata is cached with the data itself in the cloud. That way, when someone opens a stub file, the data is automatically retrieved locally.

With traditional backup solutions, you would need to initiate a restore operation, which is timely and usually inefficient for business continuity. It could take days or even weeks. CTERA addresses this in the most simple and straightforward way. As most users don’t need to access all their data immediately, our Rapid Recovery recovers the metadata first, which is significantly smaller in size. The net result for users is that any folder they try to access will immediately display the contents.

Using our rapid recovery system

In our recently released “how to”, we cover all of the basics to getting set up with CTERA’s rapid recovery. In it, you can see how the backup and recovery process works to ensure critical data is protected and readily accessible when needed. Additionally, you’ll get a first-hand view of CTERA’s intuitive interface and centralized management console.

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