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NEW! CTERA has just released our Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Tool

One of the hardest tasks in IT has always been accurately calculating the total costs associated with technology investments. This complexity goes beyond just adding up the prices of hardware and software; it involves a deep dive into the comprehensive impact these investments have on organizations from the easily quantifiable direct expenses to the often-overlooked indirect costs.

These more subtle costs are the most crucial to understanding the true financial implications of our technology choices, a fact that became evident to us at CTERA as we saw our customers struggling to fully understand how much they could save by transitioning from legacy file services, such as maintaining Windows file servers, to our solutions.

That’s why we created our new Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) tool, now available at

TCO tool saving you money

The TCO tool provides a straightforward, transparent way to compare costs, focusing not just on direct savings like lower hardware costs, but also shedding light on indirect savings, such as the value of defending against ransomware attacks and increases in employee efficiency through more collaborative features.

The journey to develop this tool has not just been about numbers and data; it’s born of a deeply personal mission to empower our customers with all of the knowledge they need to make informed business decisions.

A significant acknowledgment to Uriel Mondrowicz for his role in researching and building the financial model behind this tool. His work has been instrumental in ensuring our projection model is as realistic and detailed as possible, despite the many estimations required.

Want to discover the direct and indirect cost savings CTERA can offer over traditional file services for yourself?
I invite you to try the

While it is not an AI-based piece of tech wizardry, I am incredibly proud of this new tool: It’s a step towards demystifying the costs of IT and making technology investments that are truly informed and beneficial for your organization.

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