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Edge Data and the Cloud Transformation Opportunity in 2019

We all know cloud transformation is the enterprise IT topic du jour, and not without reason. Enterprises have finally moved beyond their cloud ‘toe-dipping’ phase into the ‘jumping in’ phase, something we see illuminated by recent industry statistics.

According to IDC, for the first time ever, cloud infrastructure spending has exceeded that of traditional IT, and cloud revenues are booming at a rate of almost 50 percent year over year. And related to my line of work with CTERA, software-defined storage and cloud storage services are some of the highest growth areas in enterprise IT.

What is less known about the data storage ecosystem is that there is an enormous challenge in deriving insights and value from data generated at the edge of the enterprise. By “edge” I’m referring to things such as computers located in branch offices, mobile devices, and smart ‘things.’ In his pivotal article “The edge-centric, cloud-enabled, data-driven enterprise of the future”, HPE CEO Antonio Neri recently revealed that 75 percent of data is created at the edge, and an incredible 94 percent of that data is simply untapped or lost.

What a waste!

But where there’s a problem, there’s an opportunity.

That’s why the retention of edge-generated data and the ability to bridge the edge and the cloud are going to be a critical enterprise imperative in 2019. It represents a formidable exercise in collecting and analyzing massive volumes of machine-generated data.

It’s why we will see increased investments in smart devices such as gateways that augment cloud storage strategies by reducing latency, security risks, and bandwidth concerns. Already we are seeing this investment in emerging market categories like IoT, where gateways collect, analyze, secure, and connect huge amounts of edge data with the network, data center, etc.

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The same concepts will apply to a wide range of industries from healthcare to financial services, where organizations seek to gain control of the edge data users create every day, every hour, every minute. If these enterprises can reduce their untapped or lost data at the edge by even five percent, it could have a profound impact on their business.

That’s why I believe the enterprises able to extend cloud-based services to the edge of the network without compromising data security, governance, or performance will be poised to deliver valuable business insights and achieve positive outcomes for their organizations in 2019.

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