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CTERA: 2nd Year as Official Distributed Cloud File Storage Leader

CTERA has been named by prestigious analysts GigaOm as the #1 vendor in the Distributed Cloud File Storage Market, for the second year running! This is a massive independent validation for CTERA’s technology and architecture, as well as a valuable attestation for current and future CTERA clients who can confirm that they are getting the very best solution out there. 

The champ is here!

Winning something once could be put down to chance. Winning something for the second time however, shows that there is a long-term, repeatable, sustainable, and strategic advantage that the winners hold over the competition.

At CTERA we’re honored to have been judged as leaders in the GigaOm 2022 Radar Report for Distributed Cloud File Storage, after having been judged leaders in 2021, too

This acknowledgment comes hot on the heels of a tremendously successful year for the company, where we have added incredible tools and functionality to our solution, delighting clients and further entrenching our #1 position. 

CTERA in the GigaOm Report

The GigaOm Report evaluates the top players in the industry, with the results displayed in the GigaOm Radar. This radar ranks vendor solutions across maturity/innovation, and feature play/platform play. There is also an arrow provided which predicts each solution’s evolution over the next 12 – 18 months. According to the radar, the closer to the center a solution is, the higher its overall value.

GigaOm Radar 2022

As can be seen from the GigaOm Radar, CTERA is closest to the center (highest overall value), and is trending even closer, outperforming all competitors. 

The Report notes that CTERA offers “a massively scalable solution with an accelerated, low-latency transfer protocol, best-in-class data tiering capabilities, a zero-trust security architecture, outstanding edge access features, and a data services architecture that includes connectors for CTERA microservices and third-party services such as for data-classification, full-text indexing, and search.”

The Report also highlighted key areas in which CTERA excels. These include:

Distributed cloud file storage leaders

As GigaOm notes in their introduction to this year’s Report, “file storage is a critical component of every hybrid cloud strategy – especially for use cases that support collaboration – and distributed cloud file storage that supports collaboration has become increasingly popular.”

With most organizations running some form of hybrid cloud strategy, getting distributed cloud file storage right is key. That’s why it’s no wonder that CTERA has deployed over 50,000 Edge Filers in 110 countries with millions of enterprise-connected users!

In fact, GigaOm research analyst Enrico Signoretti noted:

“CTERA once again claims the top spot in GigaOm’s Radar for Distributed Cloud File Storage. It’s a leading solution for those companies looking to overcome the complex demands of distributed computing. CTERA’s ability to scale, while maintaining performance and military-grade security coupled with their new data services platform, places them in the top spot as an innovative platform play solution.”

Being declared the leaders by unbiased experts for the second year in a row is testament to the value CTERA provides its customers every single day.

To learn more, you can view the GigaOm Radar for Distributed Cloud File Storage 2022, see the full press release here, or learn all about what’s new in CTERA’s Enterprise File Services at the upcoming webinar on Thursday, December 15, 2022 where you can sign up here

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