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Multi Tenant and Multi-Tier Management

CTERA’s platform provides a highly secure and isolated multi tenant environment. It allows organizations to run separate programs at the department level, so that they can share infrastructure while maintaining data confidentiality and delegating service management to departmental admins. The multi tenant architecture also empowers service providers to deploy and manage their own services on their own infrastructure.

Key Benefits
Containerize Tenants
Deliver tailored services per department/customer, keeping their data entirely separate and private while catering to a tenant's specific needs.
Maintain Security and Privacy
Assign separate storage buckets and individual encryption keys per tenancy, enabling strict separation of data between departments or customers.
Delegate Management
Empower departmental admins or channel partners to manage their own services, reducing IT overhead and accelerating deployment and user support.

Feature Highlights

Separate storage bucket per tenancy
Deliver complete data confidentiality with isolated storage buckets for each customer.
Admin roles with segregation of duties
Provide several levels of privileges for IT admins, service managers, and support staff.
Private encryption keys per tenancy
Allow customers to use their own encryption keys, securing their data from prying eyes.
Virtually limitless number of tenancies
Deploy containerized file services to numerous customers with full separation of data stores.
Service plan creation per tenancy
Each reseller or department can adjust service plans to fit their users’ requirements.
Flexible management tiers
Delegate specific management settings to local admins and users.

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