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CTERA Direct

Ultra-fast edge-to-cloud patented file transfer protocol designed to power distributed data-rich environments, such as creative media and healthcare offices, and to accelerate responsiveness for work-from-home users using CTERA desktop and VDI agents.

Dramatically boost file transfer performance to speeds as high as 30TB of daily change per site using advanced deduplication and compression. Edge filers and desktops agents read and write directly the nearest cloud location, saving time and data transfer costs.
No Latency Constraints
Work efficiently over high latency connections and move large files over long distances at high speeds. Using up to 100 concurrent connections per client, CTERA Direct mitigates network latency for an exceptional user experience.
Zero-Trust Architecture
Control access to object storage with a zero-trust architecture and dual AES-256 encryption. All direct access requests are pre-approved and digitally signed, so you'll never worry about a compromised edge device corrupting critical data.

Eliminating the Trade-off Between Security and Performance

Data Ingestion

CTERA Direct boosts file transfer speeds by an order of magnitude, making it ideal for hybrid cloud data rich workloads such as media companies that routinely need to ingest and distribute massive video files and creative assets. Paired with CTERA’s proprietary source-based data deduplication and compression, CTERA Direct enables unparalleled file ingestion speeds.

Latency Mitigation

Achieve high file transfer throughput regardless of network latency or the distance between your edge device and the cloud storage site. CTERA Direct transfers data chunks in parallel via up to 100 concurrent connections per client to overcome the effects of network latency. Users can quickly send and access large files over long distances (e.g., New York to Tokyo) for a seamless global collaboration.

Geographically Dispersed Filesystem

CTERA Direct lets you create a geographically distributed global file system in which data originating in a specific region is stored in that same region. Data is accessible from anywhere, and the entire system is managed through a single, centralized pane of glass. This architecture helps you comply with data privacy/residency regulations, while enhancing file transfer performance and reducing associated costs.

Zero-Trust Architecture

CTERA Direct offers unparalleled security, combining AES-256 encryption with CTERA’s zero-trust architecture. Rather than granting privileged object storage credentials to edge devices – considered to be inherently untrusted – each direct request is approved and digitally signed by a centralized security authority. Edge devices never possess credentials for the object storage, and they cannot corrupt your critical data even if they are compromised.

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CTERA Direct supports all major object storage providers – in the cloud and on premises – including AWS, Azure, IBM, Dell EMC, HPE and NetApp. This gives you the flexibility to work with the most appropriate cloud providers in your region to ensure compliance, reduce storage costs, and improve performance.

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