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Thrive With The All-New 7.5

CTERA Enterprise File Services Platform 7.5

I am proud to present Version 7.5 of CTERA Enterprise File Services Platform, featuring Intelligent Cloud Storage Routing.

To understand the significance of this release, I’ve summarized its main elements, as well as the key advantages and rival-beating features that have ensured that CTERA was named a leader in this space for the second year running.

Groundbreaking new release

In version 7.5, we introduce Cloud Storage Routing, which takes its multi-cloud technology to the next level. It also includes numerous features and updates, including multiple enhancements in data management, deduplication, and security and compliance.

With CTERA’s mission to evolve enterprise storage from an IOPS-centric approach to the new world of multi-cloud DataOps, this release is now the industry gold standard.

Why intelligent cloud routing is a game-changer

CTERA Cloud Storage Routing enables organizations to use multiple cloud storage providers and on-premises object storage systems, with policy-based control over data placement. Data can be routed to be stored in different places globally, with granularity based on tenant, user, or even individual directory.

There are numerous reasons why intelligent cloud routing is the future of data storage, but three of these really stand out:

  1. Data sovereignty (GDPR)
  2. Massive cost savings
  3. Business efficiency

Data sovereignty

With increasingly strict rules around where data is stored and how it is moved, including differing laws and regulations across countries and regions, data sovereignty has become mission-critical in order for many organizations. Besides draconian fines and other legal consequences for non-compliance, many customers will simply not be able to do business with entities who do not have effective data sovereignty policies in place. With CTERA Cloud Storage Routing, organizations can maintain data sovereignty, as well as compliance with GDPR and other regulations.

Massive cost savings

By giving organizations the ability to select the cloud provider that exists nearest where the data creation is, huge cost savings can be accessed.

Business efficiency

Your organization needs quick access to data in order to function efficiently. Until now, this hasn’t always been possible, with data often stored in different places and especially when utilizing cloud data storage providers. CTERA 7.5’s intelligent cloud storage routing provides low-latency access to data, ensuring that your teams have access to the data they need, when they need it.

CTERA Direct – a high-performance, low-latency, direct-to-cloud data transport protocol – forms the foundation of intelligent cloud routing. Created to overcome data transfer challenges across different cloud environments and high-latency links, it adheres to a zero-trust philosophy ensuring maximum performance and security.

And that’s not all

CTERA Enterprise File Services Platform 7.5 includes several key benefits which are world-beaters in their own right. These exciting new features include:

  • Powerful Cache Deduplication: Edge Filer-level deduplication of cached data, increasing storage efficiency by up to 80%. This significantly reduces cost and hardware footprint at the edge, while increasing the amount of data that can be cached and improving performance.
  • Enterprise Key Management: Delegated storage of cryptographic keys using the Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP), including certified support for Thales CipherTrust.
  • Permanent Delete: Unrecoverable file erasure option, offering the right to forget, and meeting strict compliance regulations regarding the removal of classified information, while allowing adherence to GDPR right to erasure.
  • New Storage Providers: CTERA already has the broadest industry support for private and public cloud solutions and this release adds support for Cohesity SmartFiles, Quantum ActiveScale, and Hitachi Content Platform version 9.4.
  • Usability: A new Edge Filer user interface providing a modern and easy-to-use user experience.
  • Local Quota: Centralized administration of quota policies from the CTERA Portal that can be enforced on all Edge Filers at once. It also provides granularity down to the sub-folder level.
  • Mac OS Experience: A new version of the CTERA MacAssist, providing a consistent user experience to Mac users, with support for the JAMF platform for zero-touch deployment.

You can’t afford to store without it

With this major new release, CTERA has further cemented its place as the market leader when it comes to distributed cloud file storage.

With its powerful Intelligent Cloud Storage Routing, its all-new capabilities that cannot be matched, and many other improvements under the hood, you have to see it to understand how much it can change the way you approach cloud file storage.

Read our press release here.

Learn more at our webinar on December 15, 2022 11am ET. Register here.

To learn more, set up a call with a file storage expert.

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