Leverage your Choice of Cloud Storage to Secure, Scale & Save

CTERA’s Enterprise File Services Platform was “born in the cloud” and designed for organizations who want to leverage software-defined cloud storage and IaaS to dramatically reduce the cost of service delivery and securely contain your data in your data center or virtual private cloud.

"Bring Your Own Cloud" Business Benefits
  • Lower your TCO

    CTERA has broad support for object storage APIs to enable enterprise adoption of cost-effective commodity storage without requiring development.

  • Own your Data

    Deliver secure file services entirely from your secure storage of choice. Whether it’s on-premises or behind a public cloud VPN, your data is never shared with a 3rd party.

  • Limitless Scale

    CTERA’s Platform is built from a highly-scalable orchestration and data management architecture that can support 100,000s of users and 10,000s of tenants from one system.

Alliance Partners

Cloud Infrastructure Ecosystem

Cloud Infrastructure

CTERA provides the greatest level of cloud infrastructure choice to enable businesses to right-size their deployment based upon their data security requirements, cloud agenda and cost-savings initiative. With the broadest amount of support for cloud object storage APIs, CTERA leverages cost-effective API-addressable storage and provides a series of horizontal, enterprise file services that can jumpstart any enterprise object storage initiative.

On Premises Object Storage
On Premises NAS
IaaS Object Storage