CTERA Dedicated Cloud

CTERA’s secure hosted virtual private cloud (VPC) delivers an enterprise-grade alternative to shared SaaS file services.

CTERA’s focus has always been to offer the most secure cloud file services platform in the world. CTERA Dedicated Cloud provides enterprises with the ideal high-security complement to our 100% private offering. Unlike traditional SaaS offerings that compromise security by co-mingling customer data, metadata, authentication, and encryption, CTERA Hosted VPC delivers the complete data isolation customers expect from a CTERA-managed service.


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Benefits include:

On-demand cloud service that dynamically scales to meet customer needs.

High Security:
Dedicated CTERA Portal maintains your organization’s data, metadata, credentials, and encryption keys behind your firewall/VPN.

No Infrastructure Management Overhead:
CTERA Portal is pre-installed and upgraded on an ongoing basis, and hosted at an ISO 27001-certified datacenter.

Full IT Control:
Customers maintain ownership of end-user management and service provisioning, and enjoy a secure, multi-tenant architecture with role-based administration and customizable file access permissions.


Hosted VPC Components:

  • CTERA Portal License
  • Elastic Compute and Cloud Storage
  • Virtual Private Cloud Network with VPN Option
  • CTERA Portal Installation and Ongoing Upgrade Services
  • 24×7 Portal and Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring