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CTERA Drive Connect

Cloud Access for Branch Office and Work from Home Users

Easy File Access from any Windows or Mac Desktops

Branch Office and Work from Home Seamless File Access

Remote users have same ease of access and performance to files as if they were in the corporate office without requiring cumbersome VPN connections.

Access Cloud Storage Directly From Windows and Mac Desktops

Lightweight agent that provides direct access to the CTERA Global File System via Windows File Explorer or macOS Finder via local volumes.

Infinite Cloud File Storage

Users enjoy desktop access to an unlimited number of cloud-based files and folders, regardless of the physical storage on their devices thanks to the CTERA Global File System.

Multi-Folder Sync

Provide users with secure and vendor-neutral file sharing while retaining full control over enterprise data. Deploy CTERA in your datacenter or as a ‘virtual private’ solution that leverages public cloud infrastructure.

Local Caching for High-Speed Access

Windows and macOS users have access to all their cloud portal content and experience file access speeds as if they were sitting in a corporate data center with automatic caching to their local drives.

Secure Data Access

Regardless of your team’s whereabouts, CTERA Drive Connect makes it easy to get work done on time by collaborating on shared projects. Create safe and secure shared workspaces and drives with AES-256 TLS encryption, full Windows ACL support, syncing and management.

Securely Enable Remote File Access

Fully protect files from the endpoint to the cloud with source-based AES-256 encryption using your own private keys. Enforce strong password and 2-factor authentication policies, and securely remote wipe lost/stolen devices.

View all users, events and devices in a single console. Customize alerts and enforce granular logging and reporting for a full audit trail. Integrate with anti-virus and EMM utilities, apply granular policy-based DLP controls to govern storage and collaboration.

Define the specific file types that various user groups can (or cannot) upload to the network or share with internal and external users.

CTERA Agents and mobile apps provide secure data protection and file sync and share services for remote servers, laptops and mobile devices – all managed from a single console. CTERA server agents are also used for Backup-as-a-Service of servers and applications running natively in-cloud. Learn More

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