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Data Protection Day 2021: Top tips for keeping your company data safe From Aron Brand, CTO, CTERA


Whether it is the shockwaves of the SolarWinds attack, the loss of 1000s of police files from the UK government, the controversy around the WhatsApp privacy update, or yet another ransomware attack, each day brings a reminder of the vulnerability and the value of our data. European Data Protection Day on 28th January is therefore a vital opportunity to focus attention on the steps that organisations must take to protect their company data.

  1. Secure your remote file access: Remote work has become the new normal, and providing fast data access to remote and home offices has become a top priority. Becoming more distributed creates higher demand for data protection. Whether you enable remote access via laptop, VDI, or in increasingly popular global file systems, ensure your preferred method respects corporate security policies and, even better, delivers consistent access control from any user device or location.

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