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Data Protection Day 2021: Top tips for keeping your company data safe

Data Privacy Day is an international annual event which raises awareness and promotes privacy and data protection best practices. We hear from experts about the importance of the day as we focus our attention on our data protection habits and the way we manage data.

Whether it’s the shockwaves of the SolarWinds attack, the loss of thousands of UK police files, the controversy around the WhatsApp privacy update, or yet another ransomware attack, each day brings a reminder of the vulnerability and the value of our data.

Today marks the annual European Data Protection Day which is a vital opportunity to focus attention on the steps that organisations must take to protect their company data.

Aron Brand, CTO at CTERA, has compiled his five top tips for keeping company data safe.

  1. Build high walls around data you store in the cloud: 
  • Ensure that you generate and own your data encryption keys and no one – not even your cloud provider – can access or control them. Completely protecting your data from any third party will ensure your data is not exposed in the event of a hack.
  • Understand options for multi-cloud deployments and for developing a private cloud that can be fully deployed in your data centre where critical assets can be stored.

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