CTERA Edge Filers

The all-in-one solution for modernizing storage, backup and file collaboration across dispersed enterprises, CTERA Edge Filers are easy to deploy, manage and use. The gateways replace file servers, tape backup and other proprietary systems with a single, cloud-integrated and cost-effective solution.

New CTERA Edge Media Edition

Cloud Storage Gateways Power
Branch IT Modernization

  • Full-Featured NAS
    • Up to 96 TB raw storage capacity
    • Unlimited file access via caching
    • SMB/NFS/AFP sharing protocols
    • Support for 5,000 users
    • Active Directory/LDAP/SSO integration
  • g
    Scalable Cross-Site Collaboration
    • Work seamlessly with colleagues
    • Connect sites to a global namespace
    • Pin folders to specific gateways
    • Offload non-critical files to the cloud
    • Maintain user access privileges
  • Hybrid Backup Appliance
    • Keep local backups of workstations and servers
    • Store unlimited versions in the cloud
    • Policy-driven retention/tiering policies
    • Source-based de-duplication
    • Source-based AES-256 encryption

Infinite File Capacity

Intelligent caching technology delivers unlimited file access to office users, with visibility to all organizational files centralized in the cloud. Users enjoy easy collaboration across offices and endpoints with no local storage restraints, and files dynamically cached from any secure cloud to the cloud gateway.

CTERA Caching Technology Brief

Ideal for the Dispersed Enterprise

Many CTERA customers have dozens, hundreds or even thousands of sites, dispersed across large geographical areas. CTERA’s scalable platform supports large deployments, including those in remote locations with unreliable or slow Internet connections.

Centralized Management

Manage all aspects of CTERA Edge Filers from a single console: Monitor usage, perform upgrades, manage backups, and troubleshoot remotely. Efficient template-based management and configurable alerts make this an easy task, even on a large scale.

Zero-Minute Disaster Recovery

Redirect users to secure direct-to-cloud file access in the event of an outage, ensuring uninterrupted office productivity. Seamless ACL (user permissions) enforcement on both the local gateway and in the cloud to ensure users experience the same file access in cloud failover scenarios. With no need for expensive, redundant failover/replacement hardware, organizations can save $1,000s per office.

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Maintain Local File Access

Even as cloud storage is leveraged for disaster recovery and remote file access and sharing, users often demand solutions that maintain local network access speeds, function even when disconnected from the cloud, and do not change how they work. CTERA cloud storage gateways do exactly that.

CTERA Edge Filer Models

Local Usable Storage (After Deduplication) 24 TB 40 TB
Drive Bays 9 x 1.92 TB SSD 12 x 1.92 TB SSD
Form Factor 2 x 2U rack nodes
Recommended Number of Users 5,000
Support for Third-Party VMs Yes
Network 4x1GbE, 4x10GbE
Memory 192GB
Power Supply 800W (max), dual redundant
CPU Intel Xeon Gold

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"There's a lot of competitors out there, and we looked at all of them. CTERA's security was the best."

"CTERA is the major enabler for our data storage, data protection and collaboration agenda."