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CTERA Zero-Minute Disaster Recovery

CTERA Edge Filers with Zero-Minute Disaster Recovery enable enterprise offices to instantly fail over remote office file servers to the cloud in the event of an outage, ensuring uninterrupted office operations and user productivity.

Benefits include:

Zero office downtime:
Immediately and securely redirects users to the cloud in the event of a gateway outage, a superior alternative to legacy approaches that can take hours, days, or even weeks to remediate an outage.
Significant cost savings:
CTERA Cloud Storage Gateways eliminate the need for expensive redundant or replacement failover hardware options, saving $1,000s per office.
Seamless failover to the cloud:
Enforces user permissions (NT-ACLs) on both the local gateway and the cloud to ensure users experience the same file access in cloud failover scenarios. 
Business continuity during internet outages:
Provides complete file availability and uptime during internet connection outages with a file system copy stored at the edge of the network.
Fewer IT headaches:
Modernize branch infrastructure and replace file servers, tape backup and other proprietary systems with a cost-effective, easily-managed solution optimized for enterprise environments.

Zero-Minute DR Video Walkthrough:


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