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World Backup Day Is A Reminder To Back Up Your World






I have been writing about World Backup Day on March 31 for several years. This day promotes backing up and saving your data. This year I had a reason to be glad that I make efforts to back up my data, because I had to recover from a computer failure, but even so, I didn’t get everything back. Having your data protected is important for your peace of mind, but also know how to recover your applications that allow you to use your data.

In addition to these failures, we might also lose access to data from malware. According to Aron Brand, CTO of CTERA, “By relying on periodic backups, typically daily, and slow, manual restore processes, we are left vulnerable to potential data loss, prolonged downtime, and significant business disruption. That’s why we need to shift to cyber-resilient storage solutions that offer continuous backup and instant rollback. These solutions allow us to proactively safeguard our data against ransomware and other cyber threats, minimize potential downtime, and quickly recover data with minimal impact on business operations.”

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