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Tools for the enterprise: Inside the CTO's toolbox

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One of the key responsibilities of a chief technology officer (CTO) is to help define an organization’s technology strategy. This includes identifying tools and services that can deliver benefits in a cost-effective manner, and help organizations remain innovative and competitive.

I recently asked five CTOs to identify the technology areas that are particularly strategic or promising for their organizations. Our discussion turned up the key areas where technology innovation and industry demand meet today.

Artificial intelligence

It’s no surprise AI technologies would be on CTO’s radar, because they are among the hottest offerings in the market today. The CTOs I spoke to see AI as a way to address a wide variety of business challenges.

“One of the key areas we are currently focusing on is machine learning,” said Aron Brand, CTO of CTERA, a provider of secure file services. “We are beginning to use it for various use cases, including anomaly detection in storage systems, which helps us to identify and alert on potential security threats such as ransomware attacks, and to monitor and optimize the usage of storage resources.”

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