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Predictions of Storage Vendors for 2023





Like every year, asked vendors for their next year perspectives. This year we have collected the answers of 56 storage firms with the following leading topics:

  1. The #1 prediction is related to cloud and edge in all its forms, hybrid and multi, coupled with the operating and charge model representing more than 32%,
  2. Second topic is represented by data management with 29%,
  3. Ransomware and cybersecurity received 25%,
  4. more than 16% is related to energy and ESG,
  5. and finally data access and sharing just above 10%.

CTERA (Aron Brand, CTO)
Data operations or DataOps, the practice of combining people, processes, and technology to improve the flow of data within an organization will gain momentum and be an enterprise buzzword in 2023.

Cloud initiatives will continue to be deployed in 2023 because of the sustainability they provide. Organizations are moving to the cloud to shrink the environmental impact of their IT operations. The cloud consolidates machine use, reducing or eliminating the need for ongoing enterprise infrastructure acquisition. Migrating applications and storage to run in the cloud also has the potential to extend the useful life of endpoint devices, reducing electronic waste and carbon footprint.

Edge computing will continue its forward momentum, despite the economic contraction anticipated for 2023. With edge’s proximity to the end user, and its reduced latency underpinning improved response times, enterprises are increasingly on board. Edge is powering AI and IoT use cases, keeping remote workforces in touch with HQ and keeping the world more connected than ever before

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