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Opinion of Storage Vendors on 2022 Market





Like every year, has asked vendors for their 2022 retrospective. Here are analyzed these results to found the following major topics:

  1. This year, cloud in multiple flavors (multi, hybrid, private, edge, SaaS and operating model) arrives #1 with more than 55% in all answers.
  2. Without any surprise, ransomware is #2 with 33%.
  3. Then media in various aspects (SSD, NVMe, Tape, Optics), data protection and data management arrive #3 with 25%.

Ctera Networks (Aron Brand, CTO)
Economic turbulence drove organizations to look to technology to automate, reduce infrastructure spend and maintain the status quo.

Enterprises are embracing the cloud to provide the agility and flexibility that they need to compete. Cloud transformation is essential for these organizations if they are to survive and thrive. They can scale up or down as required, without having to make significant capital investments in new hardware, particularly important given today’s uncertain economic conditions.

Increased adoption of hybrid cloud storage. Users understand that with hybrid cloud storage, files are continuously sent to the cloud resulting in a short recovery window, and virtually no data loss. Hybrid cloud storage also provides instant DR, as the data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed immediately in the event of a cyberattack.

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