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CTERA’s Growth Accelerates in 2019 Amid Soaring Enterprise Demand for Edge-to-Cloud File Services

New York City – March 10, 2020 – CTERA, the edge-to-cloud file services leader, today announced strong growth in 2019 driven by the continued demand for its enterprise file services platform. CTERA enters 2020 having realized a 60 percent year-over-year annual recurring revenue increase in its edge-to-cloud solutions, which today power more than 50,000 enterprise locations and millions of corporate devices in 110 countries. CTERA’s global file system is trusted by McDonald’s, Humana, WPP, the U.S. Department of Defense, and many other leading organizations.

Enterprise IT leaders are tired of the headaches involved with distributed data management. End users and devices generate massive amounts of unstructured data every day, and traditional NAS and file servers quickly reach capacity limits creating silos of information across remote sites. Data replication and backups across sites require complex processes. Multi-site collaboration is limited or non-existent. Full-time IT personnel are needed at each location, and the resources spent managing these challenges can significantly impact an organization’s bottom line.

CTERA provides a novel approach to enterprise file services, harnessing the power of cloud to address use cases typically managed by legacy systems without compromising security or performance. CTERA’s edge devices and clients provide a hybrid connection for remote sites and users to a global file system powered by any public or private cloud infrastructure. With CTERA enterprises gain new levels of multi-site productivity and centralized data management while keeping costs under control.

Additional CTERA 2019 highlights include:

  • The World’s First Hyperconverged Edge Filer – By unifying hyperconverged edge computing with CTERA’s global file system, the CTERA Edge X Series delivers unparalleled infrastructure consolidation for unified branch IT, VDI file services, and high-performance workloads. The X Series was named a 2019 enterprise data storage Product of the Year finalist by TechTarget’s
  • The World’s First Edge Filer for Media and Advertising – Designed specifically for media and advertising agencies with massive creative content requirements, the new CTERA Edge Media Edition boasts 128TB of local cache, petabytes of cloud capacity, and advanced support for macOS and Adobe applications. The Media Edition is the first edge filer optimized for video editing and enables creative content teams to ingest and collaborate on large media files with clients and remote production crews.
  • DoD APL Certification – The CTERA platform is the first edge-to-cloud file services solution to be added to the prestigious Approved Product List (APL) of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). This designation identifies products that have undergone a rigorous testing process conducted by the DoD that assures acceptable levels of security, information assurance and interoperability, and further solidifies CTERA’s position as the most secure solution of its type. CTERA is deployed in military sites with 100% on-premises installation and multi-factor CAC (Common Access Card) authentication. CTERA previously was awarded FIPS 140-2 validation for military-grade encryption.
  • Patents – During 2019 CTERA was issued multiple fundamental patents on novel techniques and architectures for global file systems and cloud file caching. CTERA’s expanded IP portfolio further solidifies the company’s leadership in the edge-to-cloud file services market.
  • Partnerships – CTERA expanded strategic partnerships with leading providers, including IBM, HPE, and Cisco, to provide customers with best of breed infrastructure options provided as a fully integrated solution from edge to core to cloud.

“CTERA delivers the only global file system with complete data access and control across both edge filers and endpoint clients for ultimate multi-site productivity,” said Liran Eshel, Founder & CEO of CTERA. “With our recent breakthrough developments in the hyperconverged and media spaces, we are yet again setting the direction for the post-storage era, in which file services will be purely provided by software on top of cloud and multi-purpose hyperconverged systems.”

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