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Cracking open source: Can we say goodbye to security concerns?



There was a time when Open Source (OS) technologies were fringe: when security concerns trumped the benefits and large organisations – particularly those handling sensitive information – would steer clear. Now, big players in sectors from tech to finance and even governments, are adopting free or low-cost solutions for data storage, accounting, project management and more. Accenture, Intel and Microsoft are just a few of the tech giants that have put their names to the movement.

CTO of CTERA, Aron Brand agrees: “Open Source technologies such as Linux, Kubernetes and Samba, provide IT vendors with a huge base of intellectual property they can build upon, totally free. By publishing portions of our code on Open Source, we were able to access a deep reservoir of technological knowledge and expertise and benefit from highly professional peer review and feedback. If your company has the technical chops for Open Source, this can be a great way to leverage the knowledge of the community and reduce your maintenance burden,” he adds.

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